Saturday, August 3, 2013

Rocking Rockport, MA

While in Boston area, Rockport makes a perfect summer day trip. A picturesque, quaint New England town with many tiny shops, galleries and ice cream parlors.
Wearing sister and mom's style; Top BCBG, Shorts; J.Crew, Bag; Rebecca Minkoff
Yu'i Korsou (Curaçao natives) are everywhere; Spotted our tiny island's flag in Rockport
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Home-Made Cherry Jelly

'Tis the season to be cherry! One of my favorite things of summer is Cherry season! I love, love, love cherries! and a fun new way to eat them is by making home-made jelly, to be enjoyed is many different ways.

What you need;
- 1cup Fresh cherries
- 1/2cup Marmelade sugar
- De-pitter 
- Alcohol (to sterilize)
- Glass Jar
- Plastic wrap

1. De-pit the cherries, cut them or puree, I prefer to cut then you have a chunkier jelly
2. Saute the cherries for a bit, then add sugar and let it boil for 5mins
3. In the mean time sterilize the glass jar with alcohol, toss out and place the hot jelly in the jar
4. Cover the top with plastic wrap and let it cool off for a few hours
Et Voila! Cherry Jelly can be enjoyed with cheeses like brie or with crepes or try to heat up the jelly and pour it over vanilla ice-cream!
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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Breakfast at Fayme's X Spice Up Your Life

Recently I got the opportunity to guest post for "Spice up your life" a fun food blog by Tiara, a fellow Yu'i Korsou (Curaçao native). 
Tiara likes to experiment with different ingredients and spices. She shares all things food, from different countries and kitchens. From healthy smoothies to hearty comfort food. 
I was planning on sharing my croissants recipe I learnt in Paris, however I like things easy... and this 48 hour recipe is not exactly my everyday thing, instead I shared some other food related tips in my guest post for "Spice Up Your Life" 
 My top 3 places to eat croissants in Amsterdam; 
Simon Meijssen 
I would like to share an easy and fun pastry fold that you could do with a store bought puff pastry.

Making a simple fold over pastry
1. Cut a "V" (about a finger width from the edge) in one corner of the square puff pastry then mirror that at the other side.
2. Fold over the outer corner from one side to the other and repeat (folding the other side over the folded side) to the other inside corner.
Et Voila! Thanks Tiara for my guest post!
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