Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fashion Trend; Shark Infested Fashion

Sharks have been popping up on my fashion radar lately and I'm loving it! I love watching shark week on discovery, hearing about those shark attack survivor stories and who can't remember the movie jaws?? One thing you might not have known about me; I'm afraid of the ocean. There is something mysterious about it and you never know what could pop up from underneath you!
So I like to keep things where I can see them... Sharks belong on shirts!
1. Zara, 2. Forever 21, 3. H&M Men

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Platforms and leather and stripes; Oh, my!

Yesterday I showed you how it's made and today I'm wearing my DIY tee out and about. 
Platforms & Skirt; H&M (old), Bag; Dolce & Gabbana (old), 
Lipstick; Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet #37, Nail Polish; Essie - Avenue maintain
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Thursday, April 4, 2013

DIY an "It-Item"

Get inspired by an "it item" and DIY a designer piece for less! 
Perfect pass-time for upcoming weekend.
I got inspired by the "Three Floor Fashion"  Tee spotted below.
Which tee will you DIY??
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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Happy Hump-day! 

Etymology; The term alludes to the fact that Wednesday is the middle of the work week, meaning that one has made it "over the hump" towards the weekend.

Noun; hump day (plural hump days)

  1. (US, informal) Wednesdays
Quick Recap of my past week, for those who don't follow me on Instagram yet...
1. 2 Earrings become 1
2. New in; H&M Conscious Collection (100% recycled material)
3. Easter dessert plate (with edible flower!)
4. DIY shark tee
5. Spring's pastel colors
6. Gold rings everywhere! (H&M)
7. Pop-up catwalk in the shoppingstreet (Kalverstraat, Amsterdam)
8. "Make Coffee, not war!" 
 9. Dutch breakfast; Pancakes!
10. Print on Print; Floral & Leopard
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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lace and Gingham

Happy Tuesday!
Hope you hd a good easter weekend. For easter brunch I paired gingham and lace, a good romance between spring and easter, if only it where true on the spring part...
However, slowly but surely temperatures are rising, the sun is out more often and the little spring flowers start to bloom!
Skirt; H&M ("similar here"), Button down; J. Crew (old), Sunglasses; Anthropology, Earrings; Altered (by me) Asos, Lipstick; MAC - Saint Germain, Bag; Dolce & Gabbana (old)
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