Friday, January 25, 2013

Underneath it all

I have rediscovered my colored jeans and print pants this winter. For the passed 2 weeks it has been below 0 degrees here in Holland (thats quite unusual compared to the past few years) So wearing these bulky scarfs and coats all buttoned up doesn't make me happier either (well at least it keeps me warm). I have come up with the solution to wear lots of colorful jeans and printed pants since thats the only thing that peeps out underneath all those chunky warm clothes.  
Jeans; H&M (on sale now!), Top Urban Outfitters (on sale now!), Shoes; Ralph Lauren (for boys, old) 
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gold Cuffed

Winter...aaawh...The season for the chunky knits. Accessorize your chunky knit with cuff bracelets cuffing your sleeves. This way you will show off your jewelry, they will keep your sleeves from rising (too much) and they will keep the cold from coming in ;)
Bracelets; H&M (set of 2 "here" on sale now!), rings; H&M, Necklace; Forever21 

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snapshots; Winsteragram

For those who don't follow me on Instagram yet, some of last weeks snapshots. 
1. Looks for less; Dolce&Gabbana & H&M, 2. Stella McCartney & Mango
3. My spring ready couch (Pillows at H&M Home), 4. Goodies from Knot&Bow
5. 5Gold Rings (H&M), 6. Looks for less; Stella McCartney & H&M Trend
7. Bond No.9 Astor Place Perfume, 8. Candles from Fair+Fair Amsterdam
9. Spring Neon Scrunchies 10. Winter Attire; Floral Print pants
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Monday, January 21, 2013

DIY; Marc Jacobs Resort2013 Inspired Tee

As spring is creeping up on us all over town in all the stores... outside here in Holland it is far from it. These days snowy weather is upon us and it would be fun if your world stopped and you didn't have to get out of bed or go out on the streets, however I'm up early and out all day today. If your one of the lucky ones staying in today, a great way to do so is by crafting :)
So next time there is a snow storm on the horizon, get your craft supplies and stay in! 
What you need;
- Color Tee
- Sequin band
- Fabric glue
- Scissors
- Old magazine
Remember to put a magazine or paper between the shirt so the glue does not stick sides together. Then all you need to do is cut sequins to size and stick on with fabric glue...
Et Voila! Your DIY Mac Jacobs Resort2013 inspired Tee
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