Saturday, September 15, 2012

Green Faux Leather Skirt

There I go again with my (faux) leather craze. This is the skirt I DIYed a while back, which in "this post" I said "stay tuned" to see what it has become.... I finally got the chance to wear it since it is becoming fall quite rapidly. One thing is for sure... It keeps you booty hot :) Happy Weekend!
Skirt; DIY, Bustier; H&M (Against Aids Collection), Jacket; Mango, Heels; Aldo (old)
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Friday, September 14, 2012

Au Revoir Summer

Some pictures that lost their way on my desktop (taken in Curaçao, few weeks ago). The weather here in Holland has changed 360degree from last week and as it's looking it will not give us a break until after winter!
So I share a little sunshine from Curaçao.
Dress; Brandy Melville, Sunnies; Miu Miu
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

New in; Phone Cover

 Check out my new phone cover! "All those diamonds are not gold" but oh my phone cover is gold! 
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Neon Leopard Nails

As promised, here is the secret behind yesterdays nails. The polish is "American Apparel - Neon yellow" (obvious) and the stickers are from Essence (Dutch shoppers; Available at Kruidvat and US; Check Ulta).
The nail stickers come in a variety of designs, lace, grafitti etc. and of course you can use any color of polish underneath the gel stickers (but oh how I love colors that pop)  
Note; It only sticks for 1 day (an excuse not to do the dishes)   
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Season's changing

 It's around that time of year where sweaters are being pulled out. My first sweater of the season, Just got it in from Mango. Worn with J. Crew's Pixie pant and oxfords. 
Sweater; Mango, Pants; J. Crew, Oxfords; H&M, Bag; Michael Kors
Lipstick; MAC - full fuchsia, Nails; Stay Tuned ;)
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Home Decor; A look inside Francine's Casita

A dedication to my dear friend Francine who just moved back to our lovely little island, leaving me behind in this city that is starting to turn cold. 
I had an awesome time capturing little nooks in her apartment.
Her style is eccentric, colorful and she is inspired by the mexican culture. She has been collecting pineapples for years, before they made a splash this summer.
 She sticks to her imported Santo Domingo coffee and sips from gold cups. 
Visting her is like a visit to an exotic tropical place, with vivid colored decor and sea inspired trinkets like these coral candle holders
Eating from colorful fish plates with bamboo inspired pieces.
Unfortunately my "Bistro Francine's" is no longer located in Amsterdam, but in warm and sunny Curacao where her interior meets the weather all year round.
Francine you are a great inspiration to me and I cannot wait to see what you will make your new home look like! I miss you already my friend! 

For more of Francine's awesome style, check out her Pinterest "here"

Monday, September 10, 2012

Snapshots; Weekend Delights

Happy Monday!
For those who don't follow on Instagram (yet), some of the past weeks delights...
 1. My favorite brunch place in Amsterdam; G&T if you ever get the chance to go....remember to reserve
2. My DIY project, I had preached to "stay tuned" to see what it has become, well the weather hasn't given me the opportunity yet ;)
3. Last minute dessert; Mini Pavlovas
4. New! Patent oxfords, (get them "here")
5. This outfit has made it to the blog...
6. Sunday's Cocktail; Watermelon Slush

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Breakfast at Fayme's in the Kitchen; Watermelon Slushies

 Some easy Sunday afternoon slush. 
What you need; 
-Watermelon (make sure it's nice 'n cold)
-Fresh mint
-Optional; Vodka
Et Voila! 
Your watermelon slush ready to slurp!
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