Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nail art; stripes in unusual ways

So I got creative with some nail polish. I have been seeing a lot of nail art lately. Personally I thought I'd get bored with it and take it off right away. I have this nail-do for a few days now and honestly it grew on me:) what you need is; a regular polish (mine is O.P.I. Ink) and a nail art polish (one with a thin brush, got mine in china town) and at last a steady hand. I could use some practice, but I am happy with my first nail art.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Outfit Post; Bordeaux Pants

Yup, it's fall. See those leaves on the floor. These colors are my uniform colors this year. Burgundy, bordeaux, navy and teal can't help but loving it. As I kept layering on clothes to keep warm, last I grabbed the gloves, that give (I find) the finishing touch.
Necklace; Accessorize, Purse; BCBG, Gloves, Blazer; H&M, Top; F21, 
Pants, Cardigan; J.Crew, Shoes; Ganni

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Home decorating; How to display your jewelry

 Hi loves, I love the displays in jewelry boutiques, of course it makes you want to buy it all. Besides wearing pretty jewelry, I think you should display them in your room as well. Then it is easy to choose what to wear with what your'e wearing. Display your jewelry in a flat glass box, cute plates or bowls, hang necklaces from items that you have in your room. Most important, be creative! I used a kitchen roll holder to display and hold my bangles. Hope you get inspired!
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